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The Battling Ropes Getup

Hi Guys and welcome to another Video of the Week.

This week we are showcasing an awesome Battling Ropes Sequence that your going to really enjoy. Battling Ropes are an amazing tool when  you know how to use them safely and correctly. The great thing about this functional tool is they provide a solid cardio & strength workout while being dynamic, engaging, & challenging. If you want your sessions to stand out then Battling Ropes [View Course] are a must.

The key to performing the Getup is to maintain consistent waves throughout the motion of standing to sitting. and its going to challenge your stability, balance, and co-ordination and endurance.

The Battling Ropes Getup:

  • Anchor the Battling Ropes
  • Apply Overhand Grip to the Battling Ropes
  • Start Performing Battling Ropes Sagittal Wave
  • Maintain the continuous Sagittal Wave
  • Move through standing to kneeling position to sitting
  • Then back to kneeling to standing
  • All while performing a continuous Sagittal Wave

It’s important to remember that while going through this Sequence that you maintain proper form. This Getup Sequence can be performed in multiple repetitions or in an AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) Time Trial.

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Live Passionately,
Dan Henderson


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