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WOTW: Battling Ropes Massacre Workout


Welcome to a Cracking Video of the Week!

For this Workout of the Week we will be showcasing an absolute ripper of a Battling Ropes workout & complex. Again we are embracing the outdoors so if please ignore the cars, people, or potential aggressive magpies ūüôā

This workout is called the  Battling Ropes Massacre and involves a 10 x 10 continuum workout. That means we have 100 repetitions that we have to complete in 1 complex.

This Workout is super challenging, extremely engaging and stimulating.


10 x Double Waves
10 x Alternating Waves
10 x Transverse Waves [Each Side]
10 x Lunge Waves [Each Side]
10 x Lateral Walks [Each Side]
10 x Walking Forwards & Backwards
10 x Bullwhips

Now there are many ways you can incorporate the ‘Massacre’ into your training sessions… You can use it as a metabolic session and aim to complete a number of rounds. In addition, you can use it as a finisher for your workouts when you just have a little extra ‘gas’ left in the tank.

There you have it, the 10 x 10 Battling Ropes Massacre Workout. If you would like to find out more about our Fundamentals of Battling Ropes Accreditation and how you can utilize this amazing tool > Click Here.

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