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Battling Ropes in Multiple Planes

Battling Ropes are one of the most incredible and versatile functional training tools out there. However, being FTI fans, we know that you are well equipped with most of the Battling Ropes exercises out there. That’s why today we are doing something a little different. Most trainers do their Battling Ropes Waves (and other exercises) on a sagittal plane, but today Dan has 5 amazing variations on multiple planes to challenge the typical Battling Rope Exercises.


Here are the Battling Ropes Exercises in Multiple Planes:


Jump Transverse Lunges

Walking Bull Whips

Double Waves into Cossack Squats

Inside/Outside Circles

Lateral Waves



Try mixing these Battling Ropes Exercises up throughout your workout for some incredible results.


If you want to learn more about Battling Ropes, then try our Battling Ropes Certification today!

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