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Battling Ropes Partner Exercises

Battling Ropes Partner Exercises

This Battling Ropes video is part 2 in our series on Battling Ropes partner work.

This video is all about partner waves and how you don’t need an anchor point. Better still, these movements are great for groups and interactive work.

There are 2 waves showcased: One for endurance and the other for power. The endurance wave is faster and doesn’t have as much help flexion and extension. It is rhythmical and the aim is to keep the wave in a constant motion whilst aiming to get them reaching your partner. These are best done for time. It works great if one partner does approx. 20-60 seconds and then is alternated with the other partner.

The Power based wave has a lot more hip flexion and extension and the aim is to produce the biggest wave you can. There is no rhythm or constant motion. It kind of resembles a game of tennis as you and your partner send the waves back and forward to each other.

We demonstrate the battling ropes partner exercises with a 15 metre 1.5 inch rope. You can use a thicker or longer rope if you really wanted a challenge.

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