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Battling Ropes Workout For Abs, Arms, & Shoulders

Single Arm Battling Ropes Workout For Abs, Arms, & Shoulders


Most people limit the use of the battling ropes to just wave based exercises. Many people are not aware of the incredible range of exercises that showcase the pulling aspect of the rope. In our video, we introduce a pulling based exercise that will really challenge the stability of the shoulders and core. This Battling Rope exercise utilizes multiples planes of motion as we create attempt to create a greater challenge.

We are going to start by getting into a plank position before we start our single arm pulling sequence. The idea is that he will have one less limb of support while using the other arm to pull the rope. A key thing to remember is to remain neutral through your lower back and keep the hips square/


  • Start in Plank Position
  • Grab the rope with one arm
  • Pull through the Frontal Plane
  • Pull the Length of the Rope through
  • Pivot and Switch to the Sagitall Plane
  • Pull the Length of the Rope through
  • Pivot and Switch Back to Frontal
  • Etc…

by switching planes and pivoting we are trying to really challenge your stability here. Just make sure not to twist in the hips.

Did you enjoy this Battling Ropes Workout inspired Video of the Week? Check out our Youtube Channel for more.

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