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In this video we show you an awesome Battling Ropes Workout for Beginners. Whilst I’ve had some really tough battling ropes workouts on here in the past, this workout showcases some simpler exercises that will be perfect for any clients looking to give battling ropes a go.

In this workout, I use a 10m rope instead of a regular 15m rope to make the workout a little easier. The work to rest interval  ratio is a little shorter too, with 15 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest. With six intervals on the four exercises, the workout to last roughly 18 minutes and is a great workout for a short session of conditioning.

The Workout:

Battling Rope Waves (Two Handed) – 15 seconds of waves, ensuring that you use your hips.

Bull Whip – Switch to an underarm grip and pivot from side to side on the ball of your foot.

Two Handed Waves (with movement) – Similar to the regular two handed waves, except step side to side.

Alternating Waves – 15 seconds of alternating waves

Aim for six rounds and aim to increase your work ratios as you increase your fitness and become more conditioned.

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