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Battling Ropes Workout Routine

Battling Ropes training is an excellent way to challenge your body’s control, strength and endurance. There are hundreds of amazing exercises that work different muscles, planes of motion and types of fitness. The key is knowing that there is much more to this wonderful tool than just picking it up and down and creating waves as fast as you can.

In this video we take a simple exercise – ‘Two Hand Sagittal Wave’ and show you how you can create a battling ropes workout routine by adding movement and changing tempo. We showcase the different variations to make the use of battling ropes more interesting, fun and active. We show different planes of motions to implement in your waves, including moving side to side, making it more challenging and powerful for yourself or your clients.

The key cue is to move like ‘water’ and incorporate the whole body. The further you walk towards the anchor point the more challenging it becomes. Find a point that is challenging yet technique is maintained. You can do this workout for time intervals and the aim would be to build the total volume. A 1:1 work rest ratio would be a great place to start with this workout.

Learn more about Battle Ropes and other functional training tools via the certifications in our Advanced Personal Trainer Courses section.

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