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Battling Ropes Workout: The Centurion

Welcome to our video of the week: The ‘Centurion’ – A Brilliant and Challenging Battling Ropes Workout.

This epic battling ropes workout features 10 Battling Rope exercises that are completed for 10 reps. This means the whole sequence is 100 reps with the battling rope. It may not take long but do not be fooled as this is very challenging. The workout incorporates different planes of motion, plyometrics and different movement patterns.

The 10 exercises are selected to challenge, give variety and test your coordination. The 10 movements are:

  1. Seated Waves
  2. Kneeling Waves
  3. Standing Waves
  4. Walking Forwards and Backwards Waves
  5. Walking Side to Side Waves
  6. Squat Waves
  7. Jump Squat Waves
  8. Alternating Waves
  9. Right Transverse Waves
  10. Left Transverse Waves

You can use the ‘Centurion’ Battling Ropes workout as a metabolic finisher or you can complete it for rounds or time. The output is huge and I can guarantee your metabolism will be elevated for many hours!

We offer a comprehensive accredited Battling Ropes course where we teach the correct technique for each of these exercises. We cover many more battling rope exercises so you can create a multitude of battling rope workouts.

You can check the course out our accredited battling ropes course HERE

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