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Beginners Kettlebell Complex with 5 Exercises

In this video, Dan showcases a great beginner kettlebell complex for those who need something a little less challenging. However, don’t think that this isn’t any less of a workout! Featuring five kettlebell exercises, this complex is pure fun and will get you (or your clients) moving. In this complex, you are going to be doing 5 reps on one side before switching over to the other side. We will be covering 5 awesome kettlebell exercises.


Beginner Kettlebell Complex:


Strike Rows:

Five strike rows per each side.

The strike row is a powerful dynamic movement that should be completed with a neutral spine. You need to alternate the arms between a strike and row.


Single Arm Swings:

Five single arm swings per each side.

Powerfully extend the hips and explode the kettlebell upwards. Squeeze the glutes and use the other hand for momentum.


Kettlebell Cleans:

Five kettlebell cleans per each side.

Keep the arm tight to the torso and don’t allow the kettlebell to thud on the wrist. Instead, guide it into the rack position with fluency and care.


Reverse Lunges:

Five kettlebell reverse lunges per each side.

Keep the torso upright and the bell tight to the torso. Keep good alignment of the knees and be aware of potential valgus collapse.


Kettlebell Snatches:

Five kettlebell snatches per each side.

Explode the kettlebell upwards with a powerful hip drive and keep it strong and stable overhead.


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