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Calorie Torching with Battling Ropes

Welcome to our video new of the week: Calorie Torching with Battling Ropes – A Series of Diverse and Challenging Battling Ropes Exercises that will very effectively burn calories.

There is a lot of current research that demonstrates the effectiveness of the Battling Rope in providing great metabolic and cardiovascular demands. The research also states that Battling Ropes are more effective at provoking metabolic responses than that of traditional resistance and body weight training. These 5 exercises in particular will really increase you metabolic demands and therefore be very effective at burning calories.

These epic battling ropes exercises incorporate different planes of motion, plyometrics and different movement patterns. When done alone, within a workout or at the end of a workout, they raise your heart rate and really challenge you. In regards to functional training and conditioning, these are some of the best exercises you can do.

The 5 exercises are selected to challenge, give variety and test your coordination. The 5 exercises are:

  1. Power Waves
  2. Travelling Hops
  3. Burpie Slams
  4. Lateral Hops
  5. Jump Lunges with Alternating Waves

Calorie Torching with Battling Ropes is an insane way of burning a huge amount of calories in an extremely short space of time. The output is huge and I can guarantee your metabolism will be elevated for many hours!

We offer a comprehensive accredited Battling Ropes course where we teach the correct technique for each of these exercises. We cover many more battling rope exercises so you can create a multitude of battling rope workouts.

You can check the course out our accredited battling ropes course HERE

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