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Creative Warm Up Ideas with Battling Ropes

Hello AIK Familia it’s Dan Henderson with another Video of the Week.

For this video we will be showcasing some creative and dynamic warm up drills and exercises using the Battling Ropes. Unlike previous Battling Rope videos, there will be no actual Battling Rope Waves or Pulling Exercises. Rather, in this video we are getting a little creative about how we can use the Battling Rope as a warm up tool.

Battling Ropes are a fun, engaging and stimulating tool. There is so much you can do with them! Check out our Fundamentals of Battling Ropes Course where we introduce and proficiently coach you in over 30+ Different Battling Rope techniques, exercises, and advanced programming methodologies.

I Bet you didn’t know the Battling Ropes had such a wide scope of different exercises and movements.

Battling Ropes Warm Up Sequence

  • Jumping side to side
  • Lunge Leaps
  • Inside-Outside
  • The straight in and out crawl
  • The lateral crawl

This warm-up is designed for the fitter clientele. It will increase the core body temperature, warm up the shoulders and get the body ready for a dynamic functional training session.

Battling Ropes are diverse, fun and dynamic. Incorporating Battling Ropes into your training regime will really create great energy and excitement. Check out this Fundamentals of Battling Ropes course if your interested.

Live Passionately,
Dan Henderson
Co – Founder of AIK

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