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How to Develop Strength with Powerbags

Today, we’re bringing you another fantastic video from Coogee Beach in Sydney! In this video, Rob Harvey from Dingo Sandbags will teach you how you can develop strength using powerbags! For these strength based exercises, Rob will be using a 40KG functional sand bag for additional resistance. When using a sandbag, the weight shifts making it harder to keep stable and work with that a conventional barbell.


How to Develop Strength with Powerbags

1. Split Stand Staggered Squat

2. Loaded Push-Up

3. Developing Scrunch Grip/Pinch Grip

4. The Kneeling to Standing

5. The Nordic Hamstring Curl


If you loved these exercises, check out our Fundamentals of Powerbags Course with 6 CECs. Also if you want to purchase the functional bags used in the video, check out Dingo Sandbags.

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