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Easy & Effective Exercises to Improve Thoracic Rotation & Mobility

VOTW: Easy & Effective Exercises to Improve Thoracic Rotation

This week’s video is all about thoracic rotation as we showcase 4 brilliant exercises that will increase the mobility of the thoracic spine.  We have showcased thoracic extension exercises in the past but that is just one part of the overall strategy to increase thoracic mobility.

The thoracic spine quite often lacks mobility because of our modern lifestyles. We spend a lot of time in positions where we are bent over computer screens, phones, the steering wheel etc. This limits our thoracic mobility and can increase the risk of injury when completing some exercises. Great thoracic mobility in both extension and rotation is paramount in overhead pressing exercises in particular. Quite often an individual will borrow mobility from another area if they don’t have sufficient thoracic mobility.

Thoracic issues can effect:

  • Posture
  • Upper Body Movements
  • Lower Body Movements
  • Breathing


The exercises to improve thoracic rotation we showcase in our video are:

  1. Seated Powerbag Rotation – It is important to stabilise the hips & lower back with the medball
  2. Lying Rotation – It is important to lock off the hips to protect the lower back
  3. Standing Rotation – Ensure that the movement comes from the spine and not the hips
  4. 4 Point Kneeling Rotation – It is important to ensure the rotation comes from the spine & not the hips

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