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Epic Battling Rope Exercises – Multiple Planes of Motion

In this Video of the Week we will be showing you some Epic Battling Rope Exercises

The Battling Ropes are a very versatile training tool however most people only know the standard Battling Ropes Wave, which is either an overhand grip, double hand wave, or the alternate wave which is only through the Sagittal Plane. We don’t move purely through the Sagittal plane, this is why we should utilize the other 2 planes; The Transverse and Frontal Planes. There are many different and versatile exercises and movements throughout the multiple planes of motion which are analysed and taught in our Fundamentals of Battling Ropes Course Bundle Click Here. 

Transverse Plane

Bull Whips

  • Specific grip
  • With the pivot we have to make sure the power of the rope is in the same direction
  • There is no starting and stopping
  • You want to create as much ground reaction force as possible through the pivot

Transverse Waves

  • Standard grip
  • Angle the body at 45 degrees
  • You can make the transitions from side to side dynamic and jump as showcased
  • The waves can be double or alternating. You can also vary the tempo of the wave.
  • Slower waves should incorporate greater hip flexion and extension

Frontal Plane

Jumping Jacks

  • Specific grip
  • Coordinate the upper and lower body
  • Have the hands meet at the top of the movement
  • Actively slam the ropes into the ground

Front Plane Waves

  • Standard grip but can use a switch grip or underhand grip
  • Start creating those waves.
  • You can progress from two hand to one hand
  • Once accomplished with that you can grip both ends of the rope (great grip strength)
  • Lastly just with one hand on two ropes  (even better for grip strength)

We Hope you enjoyed these versatile Battling Ropes Exercises if you would like to find out more about what Battling Ropes can do for you and your clients then check out our Fundamentals of Battling Ropes and Powerbag Course Bundle Click Here to book or register.

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