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Powerbag exercises great for Strength & MMA conditioning

We utilise the Powerbag for this week’s Video. We are using the Powerbag in two MMA inspired exercises. These are the Side Control to Knee Tuck and Shouldering to Shoot. Both of these exercises are really great for your over all strength and conditioning, especially if you’re a training for combat.

These Exercises focus on building explosive power, strength, and speed in your workouts.

1. Side Control to Knee Tuck

This exercise sequence trains your entire body and will really challenge your stability and control

  1. Start in a standing position
  2. Transition into a Burpee
  3. Then move into a Side Control
  4. Then Push Up
  5. Finalise with a Dead lift

2. Shouldering to Shoot

This exercise mimics wrestling style shooting. Shooting is an explosive movement and is effective at unplanned take downs in MMA. It focuses on the exact movement of a take down with penetration shot from the hips down.

  1. Snap the Hips
  2. Put the Powerbag on your Shoulder
  3. Shoot Forward
  4. Shift the Weight
  5. Take down the Powerbag
  6. Ground and Pound

I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks video. Check out more of our videos using the Powerbags, Kettlebells, and Battling Ropes in our Courses.

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