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Full Body Kettlebell Workout

This week’s workout is a diverse Full Body Kettlebell Workout that will test your strength and work capacity. This workout is primarily strength oriented and we will be using a ladder based method to pair upper and lower body exercises. Most importantly, the exercises in this workout are diverse, and the overall ladder method can be tailored to your preferences, ability and strength.

The Full Body Kettlebell Workout is great as you only need a pair of kettlebells and an open space. Your local park, gym or even courtyard will be perfect for this workout. Ideally, a couple of sets of kettlebells would be preferred as you can appropriately load the lower and upper body exercises.

This workout incorporates Suitcase Deadlifts, See-Saw Presses, Renegade Rows and Goblet Reverse Lunges. We have selected exercises that use big muscle groups and get great bang for buck. The rest is self-timed rest. You are in charge of the rest intervals. We also recommend using heavy weights as we are focused on building strength.

The Ladder Program: You will be pairing a lower body and upper body exercise and work in repetitions of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 10, 8, 6, 4, and 2. Focus on completing each repetition with excellent form and technique.

These exercises can be substituted for other exercises. A key is to try and get a balance of movement patterns. This way you can efficiently train the whole body.

We hope you enjoy! Please let us know how you go.


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