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Incredible Core Exercises with Functional Bags

Today, Rob Harvey from Dingo Sandbags, is going to show you a series of amazing core exercises with functional bags. The main benefit of Functional Bags is that they are a great intro to all the other resistance training, due to their soft construction. They are great for any training session and should be used in as many sessions with your clients as possible! These core exercises with functional bags are great for workout preparation or at the end of a workout.


Core Exercises with Functional Bags:


Plank Drag 

Ensure your hands are underneath your shoulders and in a solid plank position. The simply drag the bag along underneath you. Often trainers or clients will yank the bag and do a fast drag. However the slower the drag, the better for stabilising your core.


Squat Press Out

Use a lighter functional bag for this exercise. As you press out, this exercise is great for stabilising your core.


Round the World

A dynamic exercise, make sure you have warmed up your shoulders before committing to this exercise.


Dead Bug

Hold the bag up on the palms of your hands above your body and bring your legs up into a table top position. Extend your legs out, one by one and then bring them back up again. Add to that by adding a rotation or twist to the functional bag.


If you loved these exercises, check out our Fundamentals of Powerbags Course with 6 CECs. Also if you want to purchase the functional bags used in the video, check out Dingo Sandbags



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