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Intermediate Barbell Complex

This week’s video is a short one, but features our Barbell Presenter, Scott Kennedy. In this video, Scott will show you an intermediate Barbell Complex that is popular in strength and conditioning circles for developing muscular endurance. This complex is great for developing both your strength and cardio conditioning.


The beauty of this complex is that features a brilliant mix of movement patterns. The following movement patterns are tested in this complex: push, pull, hinge, and squat. There are explosive movements with exercises with more time under tension.


You can learn more about Barbell Training in our ‘Fundamentals of Barbell Training‘ course.


Intermediate Barbell Complex:

  • 5x Olympic Deadlifts
  • 5x Low Hang Power Cleans
  • 5x Front Squat
  • 5x Barbell Push Press
  • 5x Reverse Lunges


With 5 reps with each exercise, try this with four to five rounds with rests of around 2 minutes in between.


This Barbell Complex help build strength in your upper, lower body and core. It is a great way of developing muscular endurance and is a great alternative to typical ‘conditioning’ types of exercise.


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