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Kettlebell and Suspension Training

This brilliant kettlebell and suspension training exercise really challenges the core and posterior chain. We showcase variations and progressions of the movement so people of all levels of ability can incorporate the movement into their training sessions.

This exercise is great for developing hip flexion and extension and translates nicely into the kettlebell swing. We showcase the movement to develop your speed and power. However, you can vary the tempo of the movement and elicit a different response.

The set-up is extremely important to ensuring the movement is performed correctly. The straps need to be even and the feet should be away from the wall. The hands should be placed above the torso so the posterior is driving the body upwards.

As you perform the movement the key is to fully extend the hips to terminal hip extension whilst squeezing the glutes tightly.

The first progression is to add the external load of the kettlebell and then you can further add challenge by adding in a rotation of the body. This makes it very challenging as you need to maintain the extension the hips and control the rotation at the same time.

You could further challenge the posterior by performing the movement with 1 leg in the straps and have the other leg elevated off the ground.

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