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Kettlebell Complex Training

This video showcases a brilliant double kettlebell complex training workout. This kettlebell complex training workout is an excellent full body workout that is terrific in building overall endurance, volume and strength for beginners to advanced fitness professionals. This routine incorporates exercises that sequence nicely from one to the next.

The exercises are that are included within this double kettlebell workout are a great combination of lower and upper body exercises. It is a full body workout and involves transitions between the upper and lower body. The complex includes push-ups, renegade rows, suitcase deadlifts, bent over rows, swings, cleans, rack squats and finishes with presses/jerks.

The great thing you can see from this video is that you can then link all the exercises together to form a sequence and this flows nicely and enables you to get a great response from the sequence. The premise of the whole workout is that ‘the beginning of one exercise is the completion of the other’. This enables it to flow smoothly.

There are a couple of different ways you can program this workout. You can complete multiple repetitions of each exercise or you can complete multiple rounds. Just select a number of repetitions or rounds that are appropriate to your fitness level.

Learn these exercises and more at a greater detail through our accredited Kettlebells courses.

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