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Kettlebell Metabolic Workout Part 1

Video of The Week: Kettlebell Metabolic Workout Part 1 of 3

Something a little bit different this week for our Video of the Week. This workout showcases a really simple but effective routine that is a great as a “Finisher”. We learn to create many routines like this in our Kettlebell level 1 & 2 Course Bundle.

I personally love “Finishers” because they are really tough and they elevate the metabolism at the end of a workout. This is crucial for burning those extra calories. I love them so much I broke it down into a 3 Part Video Series as well, to give it the attention it deserves.

The Finisher:

  • 8x Double Swings
  • 8x Squat Thrusters
  • 7x Double Swings
  • 7x Squat Thrusters
  • 6x Double Swings
  • You Catch the Drift…

Isn’t that a FANTASTIC way to finish a workout and Squeeze the remaining Juice out of You????

In terms of recommended bell weights and sizes…. 2 x 12 KG for Males will be a challenge to start with and 2 x 8 KG for Females is perfect.

Stay tuned for two more great finishers coming at you in the next two weeks!

Let us know how you go!

Happy Training

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