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Kettlebell Overhead Press Variations

Video of the Week

Happy New Year Team!

This Video of the Week will not be a workout but instead, something a little different. This Week we are showcasing different variations of the Kettlebell Overhead Press using both One & Two Kettlebells.

The brilliant thing about Kettlebells is that they are so dynamic and versatile which is what makes them so fun and engaging. You can do so many exercises that are variations of the same movement pattern. This variety is just another great benefit of this marvellous tool.

We go over all of these variations in-depth and more in our Advanced Concepts of Kettlebells Level 2 Check it out –> KB LVL 2.

If you feel like the standard overhead press isn’t doing it for you any more or you jest want something new then spice it up with one or many of these variations:

  • Double Press
  • Squat Press
  • Alternating Press
  • Two Handed Waiters Press
  • One Handed Waiters Press
  • Handle Press

I hope we’ve been able to showcase some new variations of the kettlebell press and you can now get more from your Kettlebell Training!

Live Passionately,

Dan Henderson,


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