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Kettlebell Renegade Row with the Push Up

One of AIK’s oldest but favorite exercises is the Kettlebell Renegade Row with the Push Up and the Suitcase Dead-Lift which are both taught in our Kettlebell Level 1 Course. These two are perfect to do in succession because of the flow and sequence from one movement to the next. Lets start with our First exercise: Key things to remember during the Kettlebell Renegade Row with the Push-Up are:

  • Position the Kettlebells shoulder width apart
  • The wider your legs are the easier this will be
  • The more narrower your legs are spaced the harder it will become

The Push-Up Renegade Row is a fundamental body weight exercise but what you want to do to get the most out of this exercise is

  • As your rowing with one arm drive your opposite arm into the ground and create tension
  • Squeeze your arms, shoulders, and core
  • Keep your core engaged to turn into a great core stability workout. Tuck your hips posteriorly and squeeze the glutes
  • The key is not to rotate through the hips

Now Progressing through the workout continuum we can incorporate another movement called the Suitcase Dead-Lift.

  • Push Up
  • Row on both sides
  • Jump in-between the Kettlebells
  • Suitcase Dead-Lift

Now we are training Core, Upper and Lower body so you know you’re really getting that Bang for your $$$. Do 3 sets of 10 and the thought of stairs will make your cringe. Train Hard, Train Safe.

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