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Challenging Kettlebell Exercise for Core Strength and Stability – Kettlebell Shoot Thrus

Video Of The Week: Kettlebell Shoot Thrus

Welcome back to another Video of the Week Team. This week we will be showcasing a very different Kettlebell Exercise called the Kettlebell Shoot Thrus. This Exercise and many more advanced Exercises are found in our Kettlebell Level 1 and 2 Course. The Kettlebell Shoot Thrus are very similar to Para-lets so let me show you how to do it and the Benefits.


  • Set up your Kettlebells Shoulder width apart
  • Set the Box up behind you
  • While planted firm with your hands on the kettlebells put your feet on the box
  • Jump through aiming to keep your knees close to your chest
  • Plant them firmly in front of you and then repeat


  • Really Good for Shoulder Stability
  • Lower Body
  • Strengthens the Core Muscles

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