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New & Improved Kettlebell Snatch Variations

Our kettlebell series continues with Dan bringing you an updated version of our kettlebell snatch variations.

Variation One: Dead Transverse Snatch

  • Ensure you remain in the neutral spine and don’t flex or rotate
  • Load the side the kettlebell is sitting on
  • The rotation should come from the thoracic spine, not the lumbar
  • This is not a dynamic snatch so take your time
  • Try this at the beginning of your workout to minimise the risk of injury

This is an advanced move and should only be attempted after perfecting a regular kettlebell snatch!

Variation Two: Side Snatch

  • Swing the bell on the outside of the leg corresponding with the arm holding the bell
  • This is a great variation for a flow at the end of your workout

Variation Three: Alternating Snatch

  • This is a double kettlebell snatch
  • Best for raising the heart rate
  • Use the arm and knee to drive the movement rather than the hip like a traditional snatch
  • Try to complete an even number to keep balance

Stay tuned form next week’s video!

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