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Kettlebell Turkish Get up Complex



This is Tarek from the Australian Institute of Kettlebells to showcase the versatility of the Kettlebell yet again using one bell. We’re going to show you a series of exercises and here’s Dan to do them. This is the Turkish Get up Complex. He’s going to start on the floor. Remember the safety roll. From here, he’s going to roll over and he’s going to perform five presses. It’s already set up for the get up.

On the fifth one, he’s going to maintain a strong lockout and he’s going to come up into that get up position. Now, he’s going to perform five snatches. Beautiful breathing as well. He’s going to keep it locked out, strong lock out and he’s going to perform five overhead squats. Keeping that nice neutral spine. Weight on heels as well, so note the foot mechanics and also his posture.

Last one, he’s going to come down, back down from the get up position. Eyes on bell and then he will simply repeat that on the other side thereby calculating 50 reps. Try that when you can.

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