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Kettlebell Walks: Farmers, Rack & Overhead

Kettlebell Walks: Farmers, Rack & Overhead

This video showcases a series of Kettlebell Walks. This includes Farmers, Rack and Overhead Kettlebell Walks

Kettlebell walks are a brilliant way to develop strength throughout the whole body. There are different walks that can be incorporated and they can have different loading and purposes.

Rack walks are a great movement for reinforcing the rack position and REALLY challenge your core.

The overhead walks are the best for shoulder stability. It is a great way of building endurance for the shoulders and should be a key drill when training for girevoy.

You can complete all these walks with 1 or 2 Kettlebells. Single Kettlebell variations challenge stability through the asymmetrical load while double kettlebells have twice the load to carry.

It is important to add turns and mix the directions of the walk for sidewards, backwards and forwards to add another degree of difficulty.

Really challenge yourself through heavy loads and increasing the time under the load. You want to build and increase both strength and endurance.

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