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Kettlebell Workout – The Finisher pt 3

Video of The Week: The Finisher Part 3

I hope you Enjoyed Part 2 of our Finisher last Week [Click Here to View the Finisher Part 2], where we showcased the Kettlebell Suitcase Dead-Lifts & Renegade Rows.

Welcome to “The Finisher Part 3” our final Instalment in the KB Finisher Series. This week we have another metabolically stimulating Kettlebell workout to finish off your gym session. This workout will be showcasing Kettlebell Double Snatches and Kettlebell Rack Reverse Lunges.

We have Tonnes of Similar and Different Workouts/Routines found in our Kettlebell Courses Check Them Out [Click Here to View Our Kettlebell Course BundleSpecial]!

The Finisher Part 3:

  • Double Snatches x 8
  • Rack Reverse Lunges x 8
  • Double Snatches x 7
  • Rack Reverse Lunges x 7
  • Double Snatches x 6
  • Rack Reverse Lunges x 6
  • You Catch the Drift…

Isn’t that a STRONG way to finish a Workout and really Finish You Off???

In terms of recommended bell weights and sizes…. 2 x 12 KG for Males will be a challenge to start with and 2 x 8 KG for Females is perfect.

Let us know how you go in the comments below!

Happy Training

Australian Institute of Kettlebells

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