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The Kettlebell Workout From Hell

We are back with yet another hardcore kettlebell complex and this one is the Kettlebell Workout From Hell! This one isn’t for the faint hearted and is one of the most challenging kettlebell workouts that we have ever had on screen! It will test your skill, strength and stamina. Utilising a series of different kettlebell exercises, this complex should have something for even the most advanced kettlebell veterans.


This advanced kettlebell complex is great as you only need a pair of kettlebells (I use 16 KG kettlebells, however feel free to workout with the weights that you are comfortable with) and an open space. Your local park will be perfect for this workout. Each movement contains 5 reps on each side, so do one side first before doing the other.


A complex is a great time efficient way to improve your conditioning. The rules of a complex are simple:


  1. One piece of equipment (Kettlebells)
  2. One Space (Outdoors in a small area)
  3. One Load (2 x 16 kg in this video)


This challenging kettlebell complex is very technical and requires skill and endurance. It will test your stability and coordination as well.


The Kettlebell Workout From Hell:


5 x L-Sit Push Ups


5 x Walking Croc Push-Ups (5 Each Side)


5 x Double Swings with Switch


5 x Double jerks


Ensure you complete one side and then the other. Complete all the exercises before switching sides. You can set a number of rounds or you can complete this for time.


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