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Kettlebells and Suspension Training

Kettlebells & Suspension Training Exercise for the Whole Body

Kettlebells and suspension training are two of the most popular training methods. This exercises combines both tools to create a brilliant exercise.

This Kettlebell and Suspension Training exercise is brilliant for the whole body. You do need be skilled using both tools as the exercises are not easy and then they become increasingly difficult when combined together.

The movement starts with a suspension training rotation row. The key here is to keep the elbow tight to the body and rotate the body approximately 45 degrees. The scapula needs to retract and you do need to be aware of excessive anterior rotation of the shoulder at the end point of the row.

The movement is progressed as you clean the kettlebell into rack position as use it as an external load to add some difficulty. This extra load makes the movement increasingly difficult.

The progression to the movement is dropping the hips to work the quads and glutes. This make it a total compound whole body movement. It is important to first drop and then raise the hips before proceeding the row. We don’t want to use the momentum of the hips to power the row.

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