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Learn Kettlebell Jerk Tips with Dave Tabain

Today we are back with a insightful video on the Kettlebell Jerk with the World Champion Record Holder Dave ‘Pow’ Tabian. He’s going to be sharing some knowledge bombs on some of the common mistakes and tips when performing the Kettlebell Jerk. An effective jerk will utilise a fast first bump, followed by a controlled second dip to complete a safe and correct Kettlebell Jerk.

Dave Tabain is the highest recognised Kettlebell lifter in Australia after taking titles in the US and Melbourne within weeks of each other. Tabain now has six Australian, three American and one world title to his name as well as holding the US jerk record and the jerk and snatch in Australia. He is also the youngest Australian to hold dual titles and records in the sport.

The Kettlebell Jerk Tips:

First Bump  

To make an effective first bump, you need to make it both explosive and fast. The key is understanding that it is a full body motion and not just the upper body. You need  a rapid propulsion of the hips to propel the kettlebells upwards. In addition, you also tap into the stretch-reflex of the quads as you dip the knees rapidly.  You want to use the arms and shoulders as little as possible. This enables you to lift overhead for 10+ minutes!

Second Dip

The second dip is all about getting under the bells as quickly as possible and then getting a full lockout of the body. The key is speed. You want the body in the most efficient position and a slow dip and lockout wastes valuable energy.

We teach the Jerk in a huge amount of depth within our Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell courses.

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