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MMA Circuit with Bells and Bags

This week’s MMA Circuit with Bells and Bags is a fast paced and intense circuit of some of the best kettlebell, bag and MMA inspired exercises. This circuit is a great a great way of developing strength and cardio simultaneously.

The MMA Circuit is great as you only need a kettlebell, a powerbag/sandbag and an open space (we use a 10kg sand bag in this video). Use weights that you are comfortable with. Your local park or a free space in the gym will be perfect for this workout.

This workout utilises a broad range of five exercises; Shouldering into the Ground and Pound (using Power Bag), Sprawl to High Pull, Dragon Squat to Pass, T Push Ups to Drags and Walk Out to Deck Squat with the Kettlebell. It is perfect for someone looking for a workout that is a little more fast-paced and one that will test your form. For these reasons, it is great for someone training for MMA.

The other brilliant thing about this workout is the brilliant partner work that can be included. It is a sensational workout to do in pairs and small groups.

Each of the five exercise will last for one minute each. This will go for five rounds with one minute rests in between each exercise. This should give you a heart racing half an hour work out to test your strength and cardio.


  • Shouldering (optional reverse lunge) to Ground and Pound – Using a powerbag/sandbag
  • Sprawl to High Pull – Using a bag. In pairs, the partner can do shoot throughs
  • Side Pass to Dragon Squat – Switch directions on each circuit.
  • T Push Up and Powerbag Drag – Add some climbers to make it more challenging
  • Walk Out to Deck Squat – Ensure the partner stands in the tactical stance

This intense workout will really test you. It works both the upper and lower body while focusing on your core. We know this circuit is a complex one and is great for any clients looking to either train for MMA or challenge their fitness.

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