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There are many MMA Conditioning workouts but this one is unique because it combines functional training tools such as Kettlebells, Powerbags and Suspension Training combined with crawling patterns. The exercises are MMA inspired and provide a total body workout.

The format for the workout is 30 seconds work at each exercise followed by a 15 second panther crawl. There are 4 exercises and 3 crawls in a round. The aim is to complete 5 rounds in total.

The first exercise is a Kettebell Renegade Row. This exercise builds core stability, back and arms; ideal for any mma encounter. It requires balance and control as you need to keep the hips square as you pull the kettlebell off the ground. The non-lifting arm needs to be active as it creates the stability for the lifting arm. It should be driving into the ground and creating tension.

The crawl is a panther crawl and the key here is CONTROL. The movement shouldn’t be rushed but it should be slow and controlled. The head should be looking upwards and the hips shouldn’t be swaying.

The second mixed martial art inspired exercise is a Powerbag Burpie and Clean. The burpie should be fast with good control in the lower back whilst the clean should be dynamic with the power derived from the hips.

The third exercise is a suspension trainer assisted pistol squat with a Thai block.  The aim is to do the upwards work with the leg and not the arm so try not to pull yourself up. The block should be fast and tight.

The last movement is kettlebell walkout with a push-up and then a deadlift. Again this should be fast and dynamic. The walkout and push-up are great for the upper body whilst the deadlift loads the lower body.

Progress the movements by increasing your tempo and completing more repetitions in the rounds or increase the load.

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