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MMA Inspired Figure 8 Kettlebell Circuit

This week’s video may only be a short one, but it is still packed with a great, fast paced MMA Inspired Figure 8 Kettlebell Sequence. This intense sequence is presented by ‘BMAC’ an MMA conditioning specialist. This sequence is great for MMA conditioning or simply developing both your strength and cardio.

This exercise only requires a single kettlebell and an open space, making it an easy sequence if you are short on time but want something to get your heart rate racing. It is perfect for someone looking for a workout that is a little more fast-paced and one that will test your form.


  • Ensure your feet stand shoulder width apart and bring the kettlebell through your legs in a figure of 8 pattern. The emphasis should be on a neutral spine and moving through the knees.
  • Make sure you are always bring the kettlebell in through the front
  • From here, you can start lunges continuing the same motion as before. You can try figure of 8 hooks or uppercuts as well for an added movement.
  • With the figure of 8 into hooks and uppercuts, you need to ensure that you pivot from your toes to generate your core power.

This sequence is a different one and is great for any clients looking to either train for MMA or challenge their fitness.

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