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Improving Your Kettlebell Carries (Outdoors!)

Today we have another short but knowledge packed video on improving and performing your kettlebell carries. Carries should be a foundation in any balanced functional training program. This video is presented by both Nathan Quinn, our Head of Education and Peter Kirk, one of our Senior Trainers. In this video, Peter shares his knowledge on how to correctly perform a Kettlebell Carries. Improving and mastering your Kettlebell Carries will assist other exercises including dead lifts and squats.

There are different Kettlebell carries that can executed. Each has a distinct purpose and benefit.

Traditional Farmers Walk:



Farmers Walk with a Single Bell

The asymmetrical load makes this incredibly challenging. The key is to keep the body as square as possible as you walk. It is a great ant-rotation movement.

Rack Walks (as shown in video)


Overhead Kettlebell Walks

This variation is the best for shoulder stability. It is a great way of building endurance for the shoulders and should be a key drill when training for girevoy. Again, there is both a single and double bell variation. The single bell variation challenges core stability and this is can be emphasised by adding turns in the walks.


Mixed Walks 


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