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Powerbag Shouldering Exercise and Workout

Video Of The Week: Powerbag Shouldering Exercise and Workout

We will be showcasing an amazing exercise called Powerbag Shouldering. Powerbag training focuses a lot on Complexes, Hip Hinging Movements and Overhead Positions.

Powerbag Shouldering is a Fundamental Powerbag Exercise in which you can build a whole workout complex around. You can add a series of exercises including squats, presses, lunges and many others.  .


  1. Its Awesome for developing the Posterior Chain
  2. It Works the Whole Body
  3. Great to put together Challenging Sequences


  1. Pick Up the bag with BOTH Hands on the Handles
  2. If your Shouldering to the Right lead with your Right Hand and Vis Versa
  3. Perform the Hip Hinge as you would in a Kettlebell Swing. Focus on the Hips
  4. Swing through and Release the Handles and Catch the Powerbag on your Shoulder
  5. Drop it to the Ground and Repeat/Alternate.

You can change the Tempo, Weight, and Movement Complex to increase the difficulty. The Possibilities are endless with Powerbags.

Both Powerbags and Battling Ropes are the ULTIMATE Functional Fitness tools which explains why they’re so Popular amongst Trainers! Come and Check out our * Accredited 2 Day Functional Trainer Course Workshop * where we teach you how to Master these 2 Tools and how to incorporate them into group/small training sessions and get your hourly rate up!

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