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The Powerbag Transverse Clean & Snatch Technique

For this video of the week we will be showcasing the Powerbag. In particular we will be taking a look at the Powerbag Transverse Clean & Snatch.  Powerbags are perfect for teaching how to Functionally move with an external load, develop power and adopt proper movements within multiple planes of motion. The multiple handles, soft nature and compressed load make it an easier tool to use from a beginners perspective.

We’re going to be taking a look at two advanced movements. We re going to move the clean from the sagital plane of motion and execute it in the transverse plane of motion.


  • Position the bag to the side of the foot.
  • Shift the load on the leg closest to the bag
  • Maintain neutral spine
  • Exert Power through the hips

If you can perform these actions well then progress to the next movement and attempt the Transverse Snatch. Remember to keep your elbows tucked in tightly.

So There you have it; the Powerbag Transverse Clean & Snatch.

Live passionately,
Daniel Henderson,

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