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Powerbag Workout Routine

We have a great Powerbag Workout Routine for you today showcased by AIK Junior Presenter BMac.

This powerbag workout routine is a complex. A complex is a series of exercises where one movement flows from one to the other. The start of one exercise is the end of the exercise preceding it. The great thing about complex training is that it integrates strength training, plyometric, and sometimes sport-specific movements.  It is a great way of building endurance, training a number of muscles in the same workout and challenging the whole body. They are also really time effective workout routines.

The benefits of the Powerbag are really showcased in this complex. You can see the value of the soft construction, multiple handles and shape.


The exercises in this complex are the following:

  • Burpie
  • Deadlift
  • Clean
  • Squat Thruster
  • Reverse Lunges

You can choose to do sets or reps. This is a great exercise for strength and endurance however make sure you:

• Keep correct form
• Ensure it is a continuous flow
• and  the movements are completed through a full range of motion.

You can learn all the movements in this complex in our ‘Fundamentals of Powerbag Training’ course.

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