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How To Progress A Movement Pattern

Today Dan is taking us through how to progress the complexity and difficulty of a movement pattern without increasing the load, reps, volume, etc.

To do this, you can change the load position, body position, range of motion, plane of movement or neuromuscular demands.

For the hip hinge, start in the most regressed format. This helps your client to understand the basics of the movement including the neutral spine, range of motion, etc.

You can progress the movement by changing the body position. This ads more range of motion, which is the best way to progress any movement.

You can also increase the neuromuscular demands by adding a second part of the movement. For example, you can add a clean or snatch to the hip hinge.

Changing the plane of motion also changes the complexity and the focus of the movement.

Let us know if you use this! We’ll be back with more awesome videos.


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