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Series: Lower body banded distractions #1

Video #1: Supine inferior pulled banded distraction

Inferior banded straight leg joint distraction is a technique often used to address issues related to joint mobility, pain, and function. This method involves using a band to apply a distraction force (a gentle pulling apart) to a joint, in this case, likely the hip or knee, while the leg is kept straight. This particular inferior pulling technique will help will Axil loaded compression.

Here are 2 of 8 benefits I will give this month you might experience from this technique:

Increased Joint Mobility: By gently distracting the joint, this technique can help increase the range of motion by creating more space within the joint capsule. This is particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing stiffness or limited movement.

Reduced Pain: Distraction can help alleviate pain by decompressing the joint. This reduction in pressure can decrease irritation of the joint and surrounding tissues, leading to a decrease in pain levels.

Learn more about joint distraction science and methods through our ‘Movement Preparation’ certificate.

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