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Series: Lower body banded distractions #3

Video #3: Lower back relief

A banded lower back pull, where the band provides a distraction over the top of the back of the hips, pulling down between your legs while you are laying supine (on your back), is a therapeutic technique designed to address lower back and hip issues. This method leverages the mechanical advantage of a resistance band to apply a gentle but firm downward traction on the hips and lower back area, aiming to decompress the lumbar spine and surrounding structures.

Here are the next 2 of 8 potential benefits I will give this month for banded distractions: (see previous posts for other benefits)

Decreased Muscle Spasm and Tension: The technique can also help reduce muscle spasm and tension around the joint. By decreasing the mechanical stress on the joint, the surrounding muscles may relax, further contributing to pain relief and improved mobility.

Facilitates Healing: By improving joint mechanics and reducing stress on the joint, this technique can create a more conducive environment for healing, especially beneficial for individuals recovering from joint injuries or surgery.

Learn more about joint distraction science and methods through our ‘Movement Preparation’ certificate.

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