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Single Kettlebell Deadlift

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For this Video of the Week we will be looking at the “Single Kettlebell Deadlift“. I’m excited to showcase this exercise because the movement is uni-lateral. This means the focus is on training one leg at a time. Mike Boyle has written a ton of information on Uni-Lateral Movement and the man is a genius. There are few (if any) better strength coaches on the planet and we respect his opinion very highly.

The Single Kettlebell Deadlift is a Hip dominant movement and is great to partner with the “Single Leg Squat” which is a Knee dominant movement. We showcase this and many other Exercises and Movement in our Fundamentals of Kettlebell Course Level 1.

The Single Kettlebell Deadlift is great for:

  1. Balance
  2. Control
  3. Stability

There are many different options when it comes to performing the Single Kettlebell Deadlift. You can use 2 Kettlebells (one on each side and symmetrical load) or you can use 1 Kettlebell which really forces you to stabilize and focus on your balance and control.

Key Things to Remember:

  • Moving through the hips
  • Finish Strong contracting the Glutes
  • Keep a Neutral Spine throughout the Exercise

Now a common mistake that people make while performing this exercise is they will want to rotate through the hips when they are Finishing Strong. So remember to keep the hips square to maximize this movements potential.

After you have progressed with the Single Kettlebell Dead-Lift you should move on to the more Advanced “Kettlebell Pistol Squat”.

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