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The STRONGMAN Pull Challenge – Battling Ropes Workout

Dan Henderson here,

This week we have a brilliant partner inspired Battling Ropes workout called the ‘Strong Man Pulls’. As I said this is a timed workout so we’re trying to increase the speed and intensity to really get the most out of this Battling Ropes workout. Battling Ropes are amazing for producing power, strength, cardio, while providing that much needed excitement and variation to your sessions check out our Course if you want to incorporate these brilliant tools into your training sessions.

Now even though we’re aiming for the best time this workout you still have to make sure your partners technique and pull is quality. This workout is aimed to work those posterior muscles and grip strength.

Strong Man Pull Challenge Workout

4 Rounds – Sagital Standing Pulls in the Sagital Plane

4 Rounds – Frontal Pulls facing away from your partner working those lateral muscles

4 Rounds – Frontal Pulls progressing to your knees & engage those core muscles

4 Rounds – Sagital Pulls while seated facing your partner with the rope one shoulder

2 Rounds – Frontal Pulls in the plank position keeping those hips squares

2 Rounds – Frontal Pulls in the plank position working the outside or inside hand

This workout really challenges and works those posterior muscles, core stability & strength, lateral muscles, and your body slings. Remember to constantly be applying that resistance, keep correct form, focus on your breathing, and aim for speed.

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