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The benefits of Powerbag Training

Transcription: The Benefits of Powerbag Training


The Powerbags are a great tool for beginners because they’ve got a soft construction. It’s easy for clients who have never done any resistance training to get into it because it won’t feel solid like a kettlebell or a bar on them. They’ve also got loose handles which are fantastic in terms of creating instability. Where there’s instability, your body has to create the stability and therefore it’s a whole body core workout with every exercise that you do.

Powerbags are also very adjustable in two ways. One is that they go up in 5 kilo increments, so you can go from 5 kilos all the way to 50 and that covers your whole spectrum of beginner clients and advanced clients. And they’re also adjustable in terms of the regressions and progressions for every movement pattern that you can do with them.

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