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The Kettlebell Snatch Technique

The Kettlebell Snatch Technique: Clock Progression

This is a great kettlebell snatch technique taught by the legend Sergey Rudnev. The Kettlebell Snatch is an incredible exercise that is brilliant for the full body. It is one of the safer overhead movements and is sensational for developing lower body power.

You really want to focus on ensuring the snatch is as efficient as possible. This technique is great for focusing the body on the key components of the lift. This will ensure that the snatch can be completed for an extended period of time with great technique.

How this technique works is that you need to think of your arms as the arms on an analogue clock. Your arm starts at 6:00 (the hang position)  and the numbers on the clock are there to trigger the next steps. This will ultimely lead to learning how to perform a kettlebell snatch perfectly.

The phases of the ‘clock’ are:

  • 7:00 – The hand detaches the hip after the power is generated.
  • 10:00 –  There is a high pull and the kettlebell is in free flight.
  • 11:00 – This is when the hand is inserted into the kettlebell
  • 12:00 – This is the lockout of the snatch. The hand is locked out overhead.

Between 11:00 and 12:00 you can use the momentum from the kettlebell to conserve energy.

You can break the phases down appropriately to where the problems with technique need refinement.

You can learn the Kettlebell Snatch in our Level 1 Kettlebell Course. You can find out about the course here

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