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Kettlebell Workout – The Ladder of Hell

The Ladder of Hell workout is a full body workout with an emphasis on the overhead work. This Kettlebell workout gets

BIGGER and HARDER because of the number of reps increase as you move along.

You can use two different programming methodologies for this workout. You can do this as an AMRAP or you could do it for time.


M: 12kg or 16kg

F: 8kg or 10kg

  • 10 long cycle clean and press
  • 5 burpee deadlifts
  • 12 double presses
  • 5 burpee deadlifts
  • 14 squat thrusters
  • 5 burpee deadlifts
  • 16 double snatches
  • 5 burpee deadlifts

This workout will challenge you in many different ways. Your heart rate will increase rapidly, your overhead stability will be tested and your mindset will be pushed to its limits.

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