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Total Body Kettlebell Workout – The Pyramid Stack

Video of the Week

Welcome to another Video of the Week. My name is Dan Henderson founder of AIK and this week we have another great Kettlebell Workout for guys. This is a Total Body Kettlebell Workout that is nice and easy to follow

This Kettlebell Workout coined its name ‘The Pyramid Stack’ because it has 5 Exercises in a layered Pyramid fashion that is designed to work the whole body. This Pyramid Stack is designed to get you fitter, stronger, and to build up that endurance. The Pyramid Stack has 5 levels.


M: 12kg or 16kg

F: 8kg or 12kg

Beast Mode: 20 KG

  • 50 Two Hand Swings
  • 40 Goblit Squats
  • 15 One Hand Presses – Alternate
  • 10 One Hand Rows – Alternate
  • 5 One Hand Snatches – Alternate

This is a fantastic Kettlebell Workout that can be done anywhere! Who needs a Gym when you have a Kettlebell and one of our Workouts. It will challenge the WHOLE body and will get the heart racing. You can build multiple rounds of the pyramid as you increase your endurance. You can also complete rounds of the pyramid for time.

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