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Turkish Get-up Variations

The Turkish Get-up is one of the best Kettlebell movements. It enhances your strength, stability, coordination and balance. It is a full body movement that incorporates the 3 planes of motion and multiple primal movements. It showcases your weaknesses and where you need to enhance your strength and mobility. It challenges your mind as much as your body. It is has it all!

We teach the standard Turkish Get-up in incredible depth in our Kettlebell Level 1 Course. We breakdown each phase and showcase a number of regressions and progressions.

Once you have mastered the standard the original get-up you are then ready for our 3 great Turkish Get-up variations. They are:

1. The Side-Lying Get-up

This is a doozy! It really hits the lateral lines and makes you stabilise in different areas to the original get-up. A great movement for multi-planer stability.

2. The Overhead Squat Get-up

This Turkish Get-up variation is the same on the upwards phase but changes with the descent. The overhead squat is deep and will really uncover any ankle, hip and thoracic mobility issues.

3. The No Hands Get-up

The No Hands get-up is TOUGH! It will really challenges your core strength and overhead stability. This is a fun variation but you must be very accomplished to undertake this BEAST.

We hope these Turkish get-up variations challenge, excite and add some great variety to your training programs.

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