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Ultimate Kettlebell Partner Workout

This Ultimate Kettlebell Partner Workout is an excellent way to ignite energy and excitement in your training schedule or your group fitness program by working in pairs to smash through challenging kettlebell exercises. In this video we showcase a series of different exercises including kettlebell swings, kettlebell squats and kettlebell presses. This workout is appropriate for all fitness levels and can incorporate other different types of functional training exercises.

Working within groups and pairs is one of the greatest methods of increasing internal motivation within training sessions. It leads to clients wanting to be there and enjoying themselves. The connection with other clients is also integral in their retention and their enjoyment. The key is to get the clients all being coaches who encourage, motivate and support each other. Their should be an energy that comes from within the group with this workout.

The exercises in this video can be substituted as can the number of repetitions and number of participants. It really is up to your own creativity and taking into account their fitness levels and ability. We used double kettlebell exercises but they can be single kettlebell exercises or even other modalities such as bodyweight as well.

You can learn more Kettlebell exercises to incorporate in your training program or group sessions in our Fundamentals of Kettlebells Training accredited course. Learn more about the other advanced personal training courses in our Courses section.

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