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How to Use Battling Ropes for Core Stability

The Battling Rope is an incredible tool. It is incredibly versatile, yet most people seem to mainly use them for metabolic conditioning. However, it is also a great tool to workout your core stability and core conditioning. So in today’s video, we will be looking at three exercises that will help you use battling ropes for core stability.


You’re local park will be perfect for these exercises, as you will be able to tell that I use playground equipment to help perform these exercises. You can change the difficulty of these exercises by changing the the anchor points. By using a single anchor point with one loop of the battling rope, you have very little friction, making quite an easy workout. However by adding more loops you add more friction as the rope gets caught.


Battling Ropes Exercises for Core Stability:

1. Kneeling Lateral Pull

2. Kneeling Forward Pull

3. Plank Pull


The key with these exercises is to remain steady and still. Don’t compensate through your hips or back.


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